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About Us

WEEE Centre is an off-shoot of Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK).

Our Services

The WEEE Centre offers environmentally friendly recycling services to the general public, business, learning institutions, government offices and NGOs.

E-Waste Champion

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) was started in 2005 ..

We have already began the process of scaling-up the operations of the WEEE Centre to reach the other East African Countries, namely Uganda and Tanzania through our partner organizations in the respective countries...

Our Network in Africa

As a fundamental core value, WEEE Centre runs an environmentally friendly operation. We are committed to environment conservation through the efficient, safe and conservative disposal of e-Waste. Towards this end, WEEE Centre has developed an...

Our Core Values

Our e- Waste management process meets the highest standards set by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) for waste electrical and electronic equipment. It entails local recycling and reuse of metal and plastic parts and...

Our E-Waste Standards

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Welcome to WEEE Centre

With e-Waste becoming a reality in Kenya and such recycling activities on the rise, a need has been felt in all quarters for an efficient and environmentally sound management of e-Waste in the country. Across the world, mainly in Europe, there have been different models for the management of such waste, which have been successful.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) is cognizant of the fact that developing nations such as Kenya lack the resources to rapidly bridge the digital divide with brand new equipment and yet lack the capacity to safely dispose of the large numbers of pre-owned computers they must acquire to move forward, and which will inevitably “die” sooner than brand new machines.

Our Partners

The WEEE Centre offers recycling services to the general public, business, learning institutions, government and NGOs. E-Waste Categories: Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones ...

Our Services

East African Community yet to draft regulations on management of E-waste. African countries are waking up to the ewaste problem. However, a number are yet to develop legislation governing the handling of hazardous electrical and...

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