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Promote Your Environment
solar energy programs
Solar, Eco, Energy

WEEE Centre in collaboration with Total has launched a project that focusses on sustainable energy solutions in africa .

PARTNERS trainings
Training, Ewaste

WEEE Centre has been training partners across africa on e-waste handling .We are currently in 15 african countries .

planting of trees
Planting Eco, Energy

WEEE Centre focusses in conservation of environment and encourages tree planting exercises .

Women empowerment
Gender Eco, Energy

Weee centre is training women and youth on proper handling of ewaste .

The Weee Centre & Carrefour Partnership on e-waste collection

The WEEE Centre is glad to announce a partnership with Carrefour stores in Kenya. Together we have set-up e-waste bins in all the eight Carrefour stores in Nairobi with the aim of providing centralized drop off points for e-waste that include but are not limited to; phones, batteries, laptops, lamps, cables and other house appliances. For larger items that cannot fit into the bins, the stores have provision for larger items through the information desk. All equipment dropped in these bins will be collected and transported to the WEEE Centre for safe disposal. Carrefour stores serve as examples of environmental stewards by committing to provide it’s clients with safe disposal solutions.