Year: 2018

Gambling Machines!

Disposing Confiscated Gambling Machines  Gambling is the act of laying odds or betting using money or something valuable on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intention of winning money(profits) or material goods. Following the confiscation of gambling machines by the national government, Fred Ngunga the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) of Makadara Sub-county …

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International E-Waste Day

International E-waste Day, October 13th   The very first international e-waste day was commemorated on the 13th October 2018 with the aim of promoting proper disposal of waste electrical and electronic waste equipment (WEEE) world wide and ultimately reduce the amounts of e-waste that are disposed in an improper manner. It is estimated that 50 …

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Women Empowerment and Training

First time in class at 48! At 48, Mama Halima has for the first time entered a classroom to learn and gain knowledge. “I have never gone to school and I have never been to any class” she excitedly explains to us on the graduation day. Learning how to use a computer and the internet through …

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