Our Mission

Securing a green and safe environment through the provision of e-waste management services.

Our Vision

Safely managing all obsolete and end-of-life of electrical and electronic equipment.

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We are Taking Small Steps to Make

Earth Better Planet

One of the serious issues faced by our modern world is environmental pollution, and it is one the most significant challenges that the world is facing in our day.

Environmental pollution has existed for centuries. But, it began to be a severe issue following the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Pollution generally takes place when pollutants pollute the natural surroundings and it can bring about changes that affect our everyday lifestyles unfavorably.

WEEE Centre was registered as a limited liability company in Kenya. Preprocessing (dismantling, storage and sorting) of e-waste was carried out with the support of some of the leading organizations in Kenya to begin operations
The organization is serving over 4,000 clients including the top organizations in Kenya and East Africa. WEEE Centre advices and offers support to government on policies and regulations in e-waste management and transboundary movements. Due to the exemplary work in e-waste management, WEEE Centre had been awarded by CIO100, NEMA . It trained 15 African countries on safe e-waste recycling.
WEEE Centre has the private sector and governments goodwill. More than 10,000tons of e-waste recycled and over 8,000 clients served in Africa. It became the first and only e-waste management organization to be ISO certified with multiple awards. WEEE Centre has the capacity to recycle all types of e-waste.
WEEE Centre is the only e-waste recycling organization in Kenya and the biggest in terms of capacity and manpower in Sub-Saharan Africa. The organization has over 100 partners and supporters who share a vision in safe e-waste management in Africa. WEEE Centre looks to expand and become a central facility for final disposition and treatment of problematic e-waste fractions.

Our Story

Training & Skill Building
Exchange Programs
GHG Emission Reduction
Reduction of Landfill and Dump Sites
Reduce Virgin Material Extraction

Employment of new staff through direct employment and supported sectors

By 2019

Over 600 jobs created

By 2025

Over 3000 jobs

Trained small business owners on repair, store, transport and handle electronics while working and when obsolete

By 2019

630 small business owners trained

By 2025

Over 3000 business owners trained

Exchange programs supported by NOREC for skills, knowledge and experiences exchange with other countries in the environmental sector

By 2019

Over 18 beneficiaries

By 2025

Over 90 beneficiaries

Digitruck is a mobile ICT lab stationed across Kenya to educate youth and women on basic ICT, entrepreneurship and e-waste management

By 2019

Enabled over 600 jobs for youth

By 2025

Over 3000 jobs for youth

1.44 Tons of CO2 Emissions / Per Tonne E-Waste Managed

By 2019

14,400 tons of CO2 avoided

By 2021 - 2025

33,500 tons of CO2 avoided

By 2019

10,000 tons of e-waste processed

By 2021- 2025

23,305 tons of e-waste processed

Reduce virgin material extraction by making recovered materials viable

By 2019

$10.6 million of material recovered

By 2021- 2025

$35 million of material recovered

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Our Objectives

To work with local, national, regional and international initiatives to divert end-of-life equipment from garbage dumps towards sustainable reuse and recycling to protect public health and the environment.

To raise public awareness on the adverse effects of e-waste on the environment and public health and the responsible sound management of used and end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment.

To promote the development and implementation of national policies for reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment with a view to protecting the environment and public health and promote national development.

Explore and promote opportunities for youth and community entrepreneurship offered by the responsible and conservative management of electronic waste.

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