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WEEE Centre Joins Kenya Plastic Pact

Research by World Bank shows that Nairobi residents generate an estimated 2,400 tonnes of solid waste every day. Of this, 20 percent is in plastic form. Poor waste management, especially with plastics, has heightened the risks of environmental degradation in Nairobi. To tackle the plastic menace, kenyaPlasticPact was launched, as an initiative on waste management and …

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My experience at the WEEE Centre

My experience at the WEEE Centre (An experience of a partner in WEEE Centre on e-waste management hands on skills training) I am Hoby Rakotondranaly, manager of the e- waste department at Vohitra Environnement in Madagascar, and participating to the Norec-exchange program by working at the WEEE Centre in Kenya for six months. Managing e-waste …

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