Upcoming Events

  • Awareness raising and collection events with partners:
    • Sat 9/10 Pangani
    • Thu 14/10 Mosongari School
    • Sat 16/10 different locations – Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu
    • Sun 17/10 Places of worship in Utawala, Embakasi and Kitengela
  • Online training of 90 youths from Rotary and UN Sustainable Development in sustainable e-waste management, who will volunteer in awareness raising events.
  • WEEE Centre hosts National Celebrations in an online event, Thu 14/10, with a webinar exploring how consumers can be supported to adopt a more circular behavior. Looking at the EU deal on circular electronics, the “right to repair” concept, buying of refurbished items (formal and informal) etc.
  • WEEE Centre announces three new Collection Centres – in Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa.

Partners: Carrefour, Total Energies, ECANDI Eco shop, Inter Religious Council Kenya, UN Sustainable Development Network Youth Initiative, Rotary Kenya, Kijani World, Taka Taka Ni Mali, Kilimani Project Foundation, Sustainable Inclusive Business, Safaricom, KAM, Danish Embassy, SIB-K, NEMA, KEPSA, Ministry of Environment & Forestry, Ministry of Industrialization & Trade