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General message: WEEE Centre is helping restore nature by our core operations – safe management of electronic waste. We are making sure it is collected and handled safely – not ending up contaminating air, soils and waters with chemicals, micro-plastics or heavy metals. Read more about this year’s theme, ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION, on   #ewaste #worldenvironmentday #ecosystem #sustainability   Wednesday 2/6, 10.00-02.00 Inter Religious Council at WEEE Centre, partnering up for a longterm National sensitization and collection scheme. 10.00 Welcome, Intro and MoU signing 10.20 Photo session 10.30 Training session 1 11.30 Tour of the operations 12.00 Training session 2 13.00 Lunch Friday 4/6, 08.00-12.00 WEEE Centre at Kiota School Kilimani, 2 Kilimani, 1 in Karen Awareness raising and collection from students/staff Saturday 5/6, 09.00-01.00 WEEE Centre participation in Kamukunji Environment Conservation Champions’ WED-event (NMS, Airforce also participating) Collection of e-waste, awareness raising, tree-planting… National WEEE Centre Event - Webinar or video – comedians moderating/hosting? Theme: Securing healthy ecosystems and resource efficiency through safe and circular e-waste handling. Google Meet, Teams, Zoom? – RECORD! Poster/flyer Participants: Sarah, Simone, Joseph O + customers… Carrefour (Edna), Safaricom (Karen or Michael), Aceleron (Joe Mungai), NEMA (Catherine), Absa (Jane), …? Sunday-Sunday, 30/5-6/6 Social media WEEE-Safaricom WED-contest Safaricom drop-off points… take a creative photo Photo/video promoting safe e-waste handling, tag @safaricom @weeecentre  #ewaste #WorldenvironmentdayKenya PRIZES No 1: “Win a visit at WEEE Centre with lunch for you and 2 friends! + Airtime” No 2-5: ”Win Airtime + WEEE Merchendise”

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