Exchange Programs

Norec (Norwegian: Fredskorpset, meaning the Peace Corps) is a Norwegian governmental body financing two-way mutual personnel exchange between companies and organizations in Norway and similar companies and organizations in the global South – that is countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Previous to 2018, the organization was named FK Norway.

A Norec (FK Norway)-exchange takes place through the mutual exchange of employees or members between organizations or businesses based in different countries for a 3-12 months period.

WEEE Centre Kenya is privileged to be one of the organizations benefiting from the exchange program that is fully funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the 1st cycle of the exchange, The WEEE Centre Kenya exchanged 2 active staff members with 2 active members of Vohitra Madagascar. Both organizations deal with environmental conservation by ensuring proper disposal of waste.

A lot of knowledge has been exchanged between the two organizations and we are looking to ensure environmental protection in both countries.

Thanks to NOREC!

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