What we offer?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) offers services of awareness creation (training) and safe disposal of electrical and electronic waste (e-Waste).

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E-waste Disposal

E-waste is defined as any electrical or electronic devices or appliances that has been discarded or has ceased to be of any value. This include screens, TV’s, Monitors, Tablets, Small ICT’S, Microphones, Fan, Camera’s Kettle etc.


The WEEE Centre monitors and create awareness in different sectors through Training on the safe e-waste handling, storage and disposal methods and their adverse effects on the public health and environment if not properly disposed.

Awareness Creation

AWARENESS creation is meant to convey the knowledge and skills that will contribute to alleviating poverty, changing livelihoods, improved environment and having a positive effect on the national economy.

Secure Data Destruction

Destruction of confidential information on the electronic media, leaving no residue data and ensuring that the data is irretrievable by any means.