Solar energy programs

The WEEE Centre in partnership with the shell foundation is working on a project focusing on collection, refurbishment and recycling of off grid solar products. Collection is to be done through nationwide awareness for public education on need for solar e-waste recycling and information on already established e-waste collection centers for WEEE Centre.

WEEE Centre has a national presence with 630 trained repairers from SMEs and informal collectors, this is particularly helping in collection and distribution of e-waste related components and parts for refurbishment. Batteries are also recycled for reuse at the WEEE Centre.

The organization has also created strong linkages with big producers of solar products in the region as the designated facility for disposal. Majority of solar e-waste being processed at the WEEE Centre is from the warranty collections. All the devices returned by clients during the warranty period are already being collected from producer warehouse by WEEE Centre for recycling.

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