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The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) offers services of awareness creation (training) and safe disposal of electrical and electronic waste (e-Waste).

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Asset Disposition

Decommissioned parts and fractions that cannot be recycled or reused locally are reshipped to recycling facilities with capability and capacity to safely dispose of them

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 The WEEE Centre monitors and create awareness in different sectors through Training on the safe e-waste handling, storage and disposal methods and their adverse effects on the public health and environment if not properly disposed 

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Awareness Creation

AWARENESS creation is meant to convey the knowledge and skills that will contribute to alleviating poverty, changing livelihoods, improved environment and having a positive effect on the national economy.

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Secure Data Destruction

Destruction of confidential information on the electronic media, leaving no residue data and ensuring that the data is irretrievable by any means 

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IT Asset Recovery

Functional electronic, equipment, parts and accessories are recovered and reused. Some of it by CFSK's own extensive maintenance and support programmes

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